IRAN/PARTHIA; Vardanes I. Circa AD 40-47

AR Tetradrachm (14.16 gm; 28mm x 25mm) Seleukia mint, Dystros SE 354/February CE 43
Cf. Sellwood 64.14;
cf. Shore 350-351;
Sunrise 413.
O: Diademed bust left, wart on forehead

R:  Vardanes seated right, receiving palm from Tyche standing left, holding cornucopia.


ROMAN/Gratian CE 367-383

AE 2, 23mm, 6.09 g, 12h, Roma mint CE 379-383

Sear 20006
RIC IX 43a2

O: DN GRATIA-NVS PF AVG, diad, draped cuirassed bust right.
R: REPARATIO -REIPVB/SMRP in ex., Gratian in military attire stg l raising with right hand a turreted female figure who kneels before him and holding victory on blob in left.

Ex: Warren Esty
Ex: Ron Bude/RomanLode

BYZANTIUM/Heraclius CE 610-641 & Heraclius Constantine CE 613-641

AE 12 Nummi, 17 mm, 4.45g, 5h, Alexandria mint c. CE 613-618

SB 853
DO 189
BMC 289-296

O: dd NN hERAC (apparently blundered and not entirely visible here)
facing busts of Heraclius bearded l, and Heraclius Constantine beardless r. each wearing a chlamys and crown with a cross.

R: large IB with cross potent on two steps between. in ex. AΛEΞ