GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos V Eupator BCE 164-162

AE 15 mm, 2.27 g, 12h, Tyre mint  SE "NP" =BCE 163/2

SC 1580 (R2)

O: diad hd right with ends of diad curling on neck and up towards back of the hd (not straight as assumed in SC). beveled edge and dotted border.

R: limited inscription visible but should read on left ANTIOXOY curving to right and on the right
ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ curving to the left. In the field on either side of the palm trunk is a partial N/P for the SE year.

This piece had been identified by the previous owner as Antiochos III SC 1081 and not questioned or identified further by CNG, but the lettering in the field and beveled edge indicated otherwise. It appears to be one of the nicer examples known of this type.

ex: MNL Coll
ex: CNG

According to CNG "… the MNL Collection, (is) perhaps the finest collection of coins of the Seleukid kings to be offered since the dispersal of the Arthur Houghton Collection in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This offering includes coins from many important collections, most notably Houghton, but also Abramowitz, Bement, Charrin, Niggeler, Petrowicz, Pozzi, Seyrig, and Weber, among others. In addition to containing many pedigreed examples, this collection is also notable for the quantity of published examples it contains, as well as the many rarities and unpublished varieties that will inevitably be included in future additions to the Seleucid Coins catalog.” (CNG 109 Catalog Sept. 2018).

GREEK/Seleucid; Achaios BCE 220-214

AE 15 mm, 4.44 g, 12h  Sardes mint 

SC 956a  (S-R1)

O: laureate hd of Apollo r, with corkscrew curls

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕ[ΩΣ] on r., AXAIO[Y] on l., eagle standing r., on wreath, Horse's head countermark in  round punch, no controls visible on outer right.

ex: MNL Coll
ex: CNG

EUROS Second Generation 2013-2017

2013  Size 120 x 62 mm
Motif: Classical Architecture. The gate is a style element from Greco-Roman antiquity.
Signed by M. Draghi
Leuchtturm Catalogue Euro #LY-B8 Dr
Printing Code=Y (Central Bank of Greece, Athens)


2014  Size 127 x 67 mm
Motif: Romanesque Architecture. The Romanesque archway is a stylistic element from the Early Middle Ages.
Signed by M. Draghi
Leuchtturm Catalogue Euro #LV-B9 Dr
Printing Code=V (Royal Mint of Spain, Madrid)

2015  Size 133 x 72mm
Motif: Gothic Architecture.
Signed by M. Draghi
Leuchtturm Catalogue Euro #LM-B10Dr
Printing Code=M (Valora S.A., Carregado,Portugal)

2017  Size 140 x 77mm
Motif: Renaissance Architecture.
Signed by M. Draghi
Leuchtturm Catalogue Euro #LV-B14Dr
Printing Code=V (Royal Mint of Spain, Madrid)

GREEK/Seleucid; Seleucus I BCE 312-281

AE 12mm, 1.58 g, 7 h, Antioch mint, c. late 280’s BCE

SC 23

WSM 928

O: winged hd of Medusa r, dotted border

R: BA above ΣE below, bull butting r on ex line dotted border


Ex: MNL Collection