Crispus Caesar CE 317-326

TREVERI MINT, second officina CE 322-323

cuir. bust left, spear across right shldr, shield on left arm IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES

REV: globe set on altar, inscribed VO/TIS/XX, three stars above. BEATA TRANQVILLITAS, .STR. in ex. (RIC 374 R4)

Ex: York Coins

EX: Killingholme Hoard, 1993

The hoard was discovered by metal detectorists in 1993 near the village of Killingholme. The find consisted of approximately 3,800* Constantinian bronze reduced folles, mainly from mints in the Western empire and predominately struck in the A.D. 320's and early 330's. It is likely that the hoard was deposited c. A.D 333-334. *information on the number of coins found comes from the journal Britannia, Vol. 25. (1994) p. 268 reviewing "Roman Britain in 1993". The coins were studied by the British Museum before being released to the numismatic market.