Introduction (& Sources)


This is a helter-skelter survey of ancient coins in my personal collection that have been acquired casually and regularly since 1971. The commentary is my own or where necessary citations are provided giving credit to those respective sources of information.

Where available, sources and other provenance information is provided as a record of the collection and the coins appearing therein.

To enlarge the photos of the individual coins, please click on them and you will be taken to a new screen. The smaller format photos of close ups and illustrations cannot be enlarged.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father (z"l) who bought me my first ancient coin and many subsequent purchases in the days of my earliest interest. I will always cherish and miss his enthusiastic support of my interest in history, archaeology and science and how he shared his imaginings on the origin, history and disposition of these coins.

Any questions can be addressed to me by sending me an e-mail.

J. G.

ANS member

SOURCES: (items denoted with an * indicate books consulted from libraries and not part of the permanent collection)

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