Misc. 1st Century Roman Countermarks

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Two of Tiberius CE 14-37, though one (far left #1) bearing countermarks indicating origin in Moesia, the other "PR" (far right #3) appears to be a countermark from Gaul from the Revolt of Vindex during the civil war of CE 68-69.

1. Undercoin is AE Dupondius of Augustus c. BCE 18-15, 7.23 g.

2. Undercoin is AE of Augustus c. BCE 25 possibly from the mint of Ephesus, 7.65 g. countermarks are AVG, TICÆ & helmet on obs. and dolphin on rev.

3. Undercoin is uncertain. AE Dupondius size, 7.26 g.

Ex: Nemesis