Roman Occup. Macedon; Amphipolis BCE 158-149

AR Tetradrachm, 31 mm, 16.94g

OBS: Macedonian shield, in center of which is a bust of Artemis Tauropolis r, hair bound with stephane, turned up behind, and with loose strands falling down neck, edge of drapery shown, bow and quiver over l. shoulder. around dotted circle; around rim, seven crescents, six rayed star within each, each pair separated by three pellets in pyramid form. (description from Grose)
REV: MAKEΔONΩN/ΠPΩTHΣ above and below club r in field above and below monograms. All within oak wreath to l a thunderbolt

Sear 1386v, cf. BMC 8, Grose 3708, SNG Cop 1314-1315 v.

Ex: Amphora List 88 #142 (described by D. Hendin as VF+)
Acquisition: 2005
Tantalus ID#35555