Trebonianus Gallus CE 251-253

Billon Antoninianus, Rome mint CE 252, 3.61g.,
radiate draped bust of Gallus right, IMP CAE C VIB TREB GALLLVS AVG,
rev., Libertas leaning left on a column and holding a transverse sceptre and pileus, LIBERTAS AVGG,

RIC 39, RCV 9635
Tantalus ID#35556

EX: York Coins;

Ex: William C. Boyd (1840-1906) Collection,
Baldwin's Auctions (42), 26 September 2005, portion of lot 620 (this coin is depicted on page 69 of Auction catalogue and the photo below is from the catalogue).
Boyd's cabinet card for this coin.

Purchased by Boyd himself from Spink, March 1891.

According to J. Mairat this coin belongs to the fourth emission issued at the beginning of CE 253, not 252 as noted by Sear in RCV.

William C. Boyd, photograph from Baldwin's Auction Catalogue, 2005