Maximinus II CE 309-313

AE Follis, 5.09 g, Trier (Treveri) mint, CE 310-313
C. 60 type
O: IMP MAXIMINVS PF AVG, laur cuir bust r
R: GENIO POP ROM/ T F in field/PTR in ex.
Genius stg l holding modius on hd naked but for a chlamys over l shoulder holding patera in r hand cornucopiae in l
Noted as VF with hard green deposit

Ex: York Coins
Ex: Baldwins Auctions 42, 26 September 2005, portion of lot 688
Ex: William C. Boyd Collection (1840-1906)
Purchased by Boyd from Spink in London in February 1892

William C. Boyd, photograph from the Baldwin Auction Catalogue, 2005.