ROMAN EGYPT; Hadrian CE 117-138

AE Drachm; 34 mm, 11h, 27.04 g, Alexandria mint RY 18=CE 133/4

Dattari 1662


Milne 1419

RPC 5881 (41 specimens)

Cologne 1108

Obv: AVT KAIC T[P]AIAN - AΔ[PIANO]C CEB Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust r.

 Rx: L IH, Two Canopi of Osiris, one facing r. wearing Atef crown, one facing l. wearing crown of horns, uraei, disk and plumes.

EX: CNG XXXIII, lot 1359 (15 March 1995)

EX:  HJB BBS 216, lot 578 (28 May 2021) Inv#: cc97177

1995 CNG photo and lot description from XXXIII

Caesarea, Israel photo of a seated headless porphyry statue said to be of Hadrian.  porphyry having been imported from Egypt.

Inscription stone found in the aqueduct at Caesarea, Israel with an inscription dedicated to Hadrian and a detachment from Legion X Fretensis who executed repairs to the earlier Herodian period aqueduct at around the time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, during which the above coin was minted.  This aqueduct carried water to Caesarea from the springs of the lower Carmel some 16 km away from Caesarea.