ROMAN/Jovian CE 363-364


AE 1, 27 mm, 8.61g, Antioch mint

RIC 228

RCV 19215

O: diad., cuir., draped bust right DN IOVIAN-VS PF AVG

R: Jovian in military attire stg facing with hd r, holding standard and Victory on a globe, mint mark in ex. VICTORIA-ROMANORVM/ANTA

From Ammianus Marcellinus XXV:10: 14-15  “He walked with a dignified bearing; his expression was very cheerful. His eyes were gray. He was so unusually tall that for some time no imperial robe could be found that was long enough for him. He took as his model Constantius, often spending the afternoon in some serious occupation, but accustomed to jest in public with his intimates.”

So too he was devoted to the Christian doctrine and sometimes paid it honour. He was only moderately educated, of a kindly nature, and (as appears from the few promotions he made) inclined to select state officials with care. But he was an immoderate eater, give to wine and women, faults which perhaps he would have corrected out of regard for the imperial duty.”