1000th Post!!! ROMAN/ Arcadius CE 383-408

AE Half Centenionalis; 12 mm, 1.25 g, 5h, Alexandria mint, CE 388-395

RCV 20854

O: diad dr cuir bust r, DN ARCADIVS PF AVG

R: Victory adv left holding trophy in rt and a captive in left SALVS REI-PVBLICAE/ALEΓ, + in left lower field.


Ex: Victor’s Imperial Coins

This is a milestone post, the 1,000th post since we started this blog in 2007. Perhaps there are as many or maybe more coins posted than there are posts. We also hope that the 238,384 visitors since 2007 to this afternoon, have found items here that assisted in classifying their coins, and found the site interesting and informative, though I wish I had the time to provide more information other than the data related to the individual coins most of the time. I am still doing my best to provide provenance information when available as that is an important goal in ethical collecting. 

Unfortunately, that information is often only as good as the source, sometimes we can locate the provenance from other sources independently, but if the dealer or prior collector (the most important primary sources) did not record the information, that information could possibly be lost to posterity by omission, but sometimes, I am sorry to say also by commission. 

On to the next thousand posts as time permits.