ROMAN Provincial; Thrace; Rhoimetalkes III CE 38-46 & Caligula CE 37-41

AE 22 mm, 6.65 g, possibly Abdera mint CE 38-41

RPC 1724.2  (six specimens recorded)

Youroukova 210, plate XXV

O: Laur bust of Caligula left [ΓAIΩ KAIΣAPI] ΣEBA[ΣTΩ]

R: laur and draped bust of Rhoimetalkes r, retrograde inscription BAΣIΛEYΣ POIMHTAΛKAΣ.

Notes: “this is apparently a half denomination to RPC 1723 and 1724, but what makes this coin particularly curious is the retrograde reverse legend. The die cutter is also likely responsible for the reverse die of RPC 1725 with its retrograde BAΣIΛEΩΣ legend.”


EX: K. Dorney

Ex: Roma Numismatics 101 lot 358 (13 Oct 2022) “from a private English collection”