ROMAN/Procopius CE 365-366

 AE 3, 20 mm, 2.76 g, 12h, Nicomedia mint, 28 September CE 365 to 27 May CE 366

RIC 10

RCV 19884

O: diad bust left, DN PROCO-PIVS PF AVG

R: Procopius in military attire stg facing hd r, holding labarum and resting on shield, XP monogram in upper field r, REPARATI-O FEL TEMP in ex. SMNA

from Ammianus Marcellinus XXVI:9:11

Procopius departed this life at the age of forty years and ten months. Personally he was a tall man and not bad looking; he was somewhat dark complexioned, and walked with his gaze always fixed on the ground. In his secretive and gloomy nature he was like that Crassus who, as Lucilius and Cicero declare, laughed only once in  his life; but the surprising thing is, that throughout all his life he was not stained with bloodshed.