GREEK/SELEUCID; Seleucus VI c. BCE 96-94

 AE 21 mm, 6.62 g, 12h. Antioch mint c. BCE 95-94

SC 2425.3

HGC 9, 1284 (R2)

O: diad, beardless bust r. dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΕΛΕVKOV in two lines on the rt, EΠΙΦNOVΣ NIKATOPOΣ in two lines on the l, Apollo stg l, testing arrow and resting elbow on column. Primary control on outer left not visible, secondary control A on inner l.


Ex: London Ancient Coins (UK)


Three examples known at this time; CSE 371, an example in the Biblioteque Nationale Paris, and this coin.